To ensure your stay in serenity and safety, we have further limited the number of tables in the room (and consequently the distances between them). It is ensured the ventilation and timely sanitization of the environments.

The restaurant


Casa Rizzieri is right next to our butcher shop, in a path of ideal continuity both conceptual and physical.

Earth, Iron, Fire… are primary elements that define the very identity of our proposal, in the kitchen as in the room.

Ancient elements and modern technologies, it is the research that leads us to experiment with new techniques able to enhance flavors and concepts.

We have tried to create a warm and familiar atmosphere, also taking care of the details, finishes and fittings.
A limited and well-spaced number of tables, to ensure a relaxed atmosphere to our guests

The open kitchen and a large counter to allow the exchange, also visual.

Above all…like every house, ours is also “alive” and will not lack constant news!

Info and reservations

From Wednesday to Saturday in the evening
Reserve your table: 348 5497777

Everything starts from the Earth

A new wonderful stage of a long history, started more than 50 years ago

Everything starts from the Earth, from the fields of cultivation, from the stables…
Our work starts from there, from the raw material. For us is a source of continuous inspiration and stimulus to improve ourselves.

We chose to leave our signature, Rizzieri, in the logo of our restaurant because we live it as a new wonderful stage of a long history, started more than 50 years ago, in 1969.

Those same values, that respect for the countryside and those who work in it, for the raw material, for the natural cycles of growth, the rejection of each chemical “shortcuts”….are the foundations of our work and still are the promise we renew in each of our dishes.

Values of Casa Rizzieri.